Process Engineer

Job Description:
NALA Membranes is an award-winning membrane startup company developing new reverse osmosis
membranes from proprietary chemically resistant polymer materials. A statement often shared in the
water treatment industry is, “Chlorine tolerant membranes are the holy grail” and we have those
membranes within our grasp.
We believe that we will disrupt the RO membrane market with our uniquely durable and non-fouling
membrane product. Our membranes have the potential to accomplish a multitude of objectives
including reduce operating costs for RO systems by 30%, open new applications for RO to dramatically
reduce energy use in thermal processes and increase adoption of desalination by reducing both
complexity and operating/maintenance cost to make systems more sustainable and enable
decentralized water treatment.
While NALA Membranes can be operated safely with low levels of free chlorine to eliminate biofouling
making them applicable to a wide range of RO applications, initial market targets are in applications
where RO membranes are exposed to extreme environments of pH or foulants requiring high frequency
Our growing team is engaging with stakeholders, partners, and potential customers both domestically
and internationally to develop collaborations and build the pipeline for commercial pilots and sales in
2023. We are looking for an experienced polymer process engineer, to drive and execute technology
translation and scale up for NALA Membranes, to join our team in Research Triangle Park, North

Carolina. The ideal candidate will have a process engineering background with experience in solution-
based polymer processing, preferably roll-to-roll coating and/or membrane related products. This

candidate will play a key role in moving our membranes from lab to pilot scale manufacturing and
evaluation to meet stakeholder needs, and finally to small commercial scale manufacturing for the
larger target markets.
The individual will be expected to take ownership of process development projects and work closely
with a vibrant team of internal materials, engineering, and business development staff to move NALA
Membranes to the commercial phase. NALA team members enjoy a sustainable and flexible work
schedule and insurance benefits including health, life, and short-term disability. NALA is an early-stage
company funded by government grants and VC and angel investors. Compensation for this role is
negotiable based on experience and is expected to include stock option grants, both initially as well as
future grants based on performance and contributions. Opportunities for advancement will abound as
the NALA team and business operations grow and expand.
Culture fit is an important characteristic of NALA employees. At NALA, we are fun loving, team driven,
and respectful of a functional work/life balance. We are serious about science and committed to the
significant positive impact that our membrane technology will have in the water treatment market and
on the global water crisis.

Purpose: Develop and translate manufacturing operations to produce targeted performance
membranes at the pilot scale and beyond.

Reports to: CTO
Key Functions:
• Work with internal engineers and chemists to translate lab scale processes to a pilot coating
• Prepare rolls of membrane sheet samples for internal and customer evaluations using roll-to-roll
coating operations.
• Contribute ideas and feedback to lab-scale process development with scale up in mind.
• Develop and implement standard operating procedures and quality control procedures related
to membrane fabrication methods and performance
• modify processing equipment to optimize membrane manufacturing operations.
• Design and specify scale-up operation approaches
• Lead process engineering activities for roll-to-roll manufacturing of membranes.
• Contribute expertise to all operations at NALA Membranes.
• Contribute to the team to support membrane development, manufacturing, and testing.
• Provide data, experimental results, slides, and written content for technical and business
development presentations, proposals, and reports as requested.
• Develop and document methods and procedures for operating and maintaining NALA
processing equipment and methods and train other staff as needed.
• Maintain clear records and documentation of research and results.
• Demonstrate and continue to develop expertise in membrane materials, manufacturing, and
• M.S./Ph.D. or equivalent experience in chemical engineering, polymer engineering, or related
• Direct, hands-on, experience with polymer process engineering.
• Knowledge of polymer membrane materials and typical manufacturing processes.
• Strong verbal and written communication skills
• Able to work independently (self-driven) and within a team environment
• Industrial experience in process engineering related to commercial manufacturing.
• Experience making and/or characterizing microporous membranes and/or thin film composites.
• Experience with lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, or related methodologies.
• Knowledge of membrane construction and materials.
• Knowledge of solvent-based polymer processing.
• Experience with roll-to-roll polymer coating operations.
• Experience translating coatings projects from lab scale to manufacturing.