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Water Purifier & Glass


In February 2018, under the name NALA Systems, our founders committed to bringing new chlorine tolerant reverse osmosis membranes to market. In February of 2022, NALA Systems became NALA Membranes, staying consistent with our mission to drive innovation in desalination operations with our new chlorine tolerant RO membranes. This step clearly positioned NALA Membranes as a membrane company in the marketplace. Our new membranes will challenge the performance, efficiency, and durability of the current commercial RO membranes and expand the window of treatable water while reducing required pretreatment.​

The water crisis is a global problem that varies by local conditions meaning that there is no single answer for every situation.  We believe that by expanding the membrane materials and products available for desalination and water purification we can open windows for technological breakthroughs that will make the difference in expanding the available freshwater for the human population, industrial, and agriculture needs.  Our company is dedicated to developing new materials, new manufacturing processes, and new source water opportunities to combat the global water crisis. Our goal is to be a significant driver for expanding business in these areas that are critical to driving freshwater growth technologies.

Leadership and Technology:

Our woman-owned business is led by CEO and President: Sue Mecham, Ph.D.

and Chief Technical Officer: Judy Riffle, Ph.D.

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