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A New Generation of Resistance

We don't just fix the Biofouling problem.

We prevent it from happening in the first place.

Water Costs
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We Eliminate

Now you can be proactive, not reactive.

We remove and replace the weak link in cleaning water sustainably.

NALA's chlorine durable membranes remove biofouling if you have it, and prevent it if you don't.

Commercial Reverse Osmosis system

Why NALA Membranes?

Polyamide membranes cannot be cleaned with chlorine without breaking down.  Systems using polyamide membranes require higher pressure (energy), more frequent membrane replacement, complex pre-treatment, more downtime for maintenance, and more specialty chemicals.  All this can add up to 24% operating cost.

NALA has removed the weak polyamide and replaced it with new generation materials that are durable against chlorine that combats biofouling to keep systems running longer at lower pressure to reduce the total cost of ownership for our customers.

Making clean water while using less energy is good for business, people, and the planet.

NALA's Reverse Osmosis Membranes
reduces cost, complexity, & climate impact


Game-changing membrane replaces the weak link in cleaning wastewater for reuse - producing water for drinking, industry, and agriculture.


Patented material retains performance and won't fail like today's polyamide membranes. 
-the key weakness in today's advanced water treatment systems.


This means 24% less operating costs, reduced cleaning cycles for less complexity and lower carbon footprint for advanced water treatment systems.

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