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About Us

In 2018, NALA Membranes founders Judy Riffle and Sue Mecham launched NALA to develop a new generation of chlorine durable reverse osmosis membranes in a drop-in form factor for the growing number of reverse osmosis systems being used to produce clean water around the world. The team at NALA Membranes has created a new membrane platform based on a class of patented materials and proprietary process that will dramatically reduce the cost and negative impacts of reverse osmosis operations by reducing clogging, cleaning, and energy.

Headquartered in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park, NALA Membranes also has a subsidiary in Singapore where we are part of the global hydrohub of top water innovators developing new solutions to meet the world’s demand for abundant, clean and accessible water.

-Founder & CEO, Sue Mecham

"The time to change is now to avoid a collision course between meeting our global water needs and destroying

the planet."

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