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Leadership Team


Sue Mecham, Ph.D.: CEO

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20+ yrs: polymers, manufacturing, management & sales


Judy Riffle, Ph.D.: CTO

30+ yrs: polymers
(medical devices, drug delivery, membranes)

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Kim Chin, VP of Strategic Alliances and Partnerships

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Business Advisors


Ann Beal Salamone, MA
Board Chair and
Co-Founder, Rochal Industries

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Has led 6 science-based companies from concept to commercial financial success, National Academy of Engineering, Recipient of Crystal Slipper Award “Executive Woman of the Year"


Joe DeSimone, Ph.D.
Executive Chairman and 

Co-Founder, Carbon3D

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CEO/Carbon 2013-2019 Member National Academy of Engineering, Medicine, and Science, Award winning serial entrepreneur


Bob Ward, Ph.D.
President, CEO and Co-Founder, ExThera Medical

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Serial Entrepreneur, previous successful exit as CEO and Co-Founder at PTG, National Academy of Engineering

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J P Dailey, M.D. Founder and Managing Partner Erie Retinal Surgery Clinic.

Investor, inventor, and entrepreneur: Medical Devices and commercial real estate. 

Technology Advisors


Earl Wagener, Ph.D.
CEO Tetramer Technologies,
Ex-Senior Research Director at Dow Chemical

Membrane Technology Consultant to NALA Systems

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Lead Technologist for Membrane development at Dow during historic Filmtec Acquisition. Established current technology RO membranes in the market (1980's).


Mike Bortner, Ph.D.

Chemical Engineering, Virginia Tech

Polymer Processing Advisor to NALA Systems

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10 years as VP of manufacturing process development at NanoSonic.

Lab Team

Membrane technologists: Synthesizing polymers, fabricating and testing membranes

Lab Team.png

Michael Mecham, B.A. Chem (left), Jay Tuggle, Ph.D. Eng. (middle), Trevor Schumacher, Ph.D. Chem (right)

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30+ yrs: polymer membranes, 

Director of Center for Materials for Water and Energy Systems (MWET). Partner in NAWI/DOE Energy-Water Desal Hub

Benny Freeman, Ph.D.

Chemical Engineering, UT Austin

Marketing and Sales

Alex Smith

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Marketing and Sales Administrator

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